Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SEO is must if you plan to grow

Believe it or not, Search Engine Optimisation is the key to successful business. One fellow said- you cannot not optimse! This is so true if one wants to be taken seriouly in the business of Online marketing. After all, Online marketing is about ranking higher on search engines. And one cannot rank high unless optimised because most search engines have their criteria and standards which require optimisation. One rarely realises one's total potential, if unoptimised. No wonder SEOs are very much in demand today.

An Optimisation strategy revolves around working with content, headlines, links etc. There are both on-page and off-page Optimisation methods which SEOs apply. However, there are more methods which are banned ones and which are employed only by black hat or unethical SEOs. It is always good for the business to stay away from black hat SEOs unless you have a deep desire to be axed by Google, MSN, Yahoo and others ( for your kind information even a big cheese like BMW Germany was blacklisted by Google!). Also, it pays to hire a professional SEO agency rather than aiming at it on your own or with few others with little or no experience.

Cyberspace is full of stories where nondescript business gained tremendous brownie points by optimsing their site! It is not uncommon to come across people who have jumped from Google 5000 to 50! So SEOing is a must for search engine marketing.

Well looks like if you have a business online its gotta be on top.

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