Thursday, August 23, 2007

Traders get into Social Networking

Nowadays, Bears and Bulls are busy setting up profiles on social networks. Don't panic... we are not talking about the animals here. These are the bears and bulls of a stock exchange, or in simple words, these are the stock traders.

Traders are networking with community members to keep themselves up-to-date with stock-related information. They are also brandishing members with stock tips, setting up their own blogs and podcasts. Making full use of the flourishing Internet marketing brigade, they are keeping their customers informed about latest happenings with the help of techno-savvy sources like blog posts.

A few online social networks have created special features to suit the functionality of traders. These features strive to connect traders with shared stock interests. In fact, many network owners believe that more than finding investors, these networks are being used for challenging customers to be more effective as traders.

The World Wide Web is actually entangling people from across the world, irrespective of their personal and professional tendencies. With stock exchanges also establishing a prominent presence in the online networking community, one simply wonders what to expect next.


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